EURUSD Swing Trader


The EURUSD swing trader expert advisor.


This expert advisor makes use of  no indicators and based purely on price action.

The EA looks for a rejection at swing high and swing low points and places the appropriate trade.

Input Parameters

Channel TF – Used for checking the highs and lows for that particular time frame.
No of Bars in Channel – Will check the highs and lows for the giving amount of candles.
Distance above or below the highs and lows to place your trade (Used to prevent continuation of price).
Candle shift – start checking from the number of candles specified away from the current candle.
Pull back in pips – looks at the size of the rejection candle and will only trade if its a certain length.
Add extra pending orders – This adds extra pending orders above or below the trade.
Reverse buy trades – Sells at the bottom of the channel
Reverse sell trades – Buys at the top of the channel.

When purchasing this product you will receive the full source code and set files.


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